Outlook not able to download roadrunner email Fix

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Outlook not able to download | Indiana

Many people in outlook not able to download roadrunner email and not able to send an email. You are always asking for the password to get outlook sync with roadrunner email server. Now it won’t sync at all. Even after you update the email password in web mail server. Your outlook with IMAP setup server address as mail.twc.com and in your outlook version there is no spot to designate the Port for the server:

Outlook not able to download roadrunner email Fix

Version of outlook: 2010

Go to file>Info>Account settings

Email address>select change

More settings>Advance tab

If you are still having problem with your email receiving and sending you can also try the following settings

Type of account: IMAP

Incoming mail server: mail.twc.com

Incoming server IMAP Port: 143

Outgoing Mail Server- SMTP: mail.twc.com

Inbound and outbound mail username: your full email address

Password: Same as email password in the web-mail server.

SMTP Server Authentication: Checked

Call for roadrunner support @ 1-800-359-4380.

TWC-Roadrunner email support

TWC Roadrunner email support

TWC-Roadrunner email support | Massachusetts

How to allow and block email messages in Road Runner?

Roadrunner email is a simple and intuitive interface. The best things in this email are you can block and unblock the email or a domain name. Again it’s so simple with roadrunner only with couples of a mouse click.

As like: first log into your email>click settings>now click customize mailbox option. And from the drop down click – Allow and block option. Afterword’s you read the option and follow the right option according to what you want to do.

Outbound Port 25 blocking?

In case if your computer is infected and sending out spam a filter may be placed on your cable modem to block outbound port 25 traffic which does not put up for TWC email servers. This is to help you stay connected and reduce spam level or control spam messages while your computer is cleaning.

To send email outside the TWC mail server you need to reset the port 25 to port 587 to establish the connection. If you still problem sending email Call Roadrunner support

Limited to the number of address to send email

Did you know?

  • There is the limit of a recipient for a single email to protect from spamming and spreading viruses and malicious files to others.
  • Provider often set the limit of messages for send and receive. Error messages are sanded to your email address if the incoming server of your recipient does not accept.
  • “421 Too many recipients on this message”

So this is a case where your computer is corrupted and infected with viruses.

Call 1-800-359-4380 for help and support.