Roadrunner can not send and receive email to other Fix

Roadrunner cannot send/receive email to other

Customer query: I receive email and send email to all in the same service provider (i.e. roadrunner). Web mail works fine but live email is the issue.


It means you are using the windows live mail and not talking about Hotmail.

In these case what you can do is call your ISP, roadrunner, ask specifically the following.

  • What is your SMTP server name? Also, you need to improve the area name as well.
  • Ask whether your SMTP port is Port 25 or Port 587.
  • ask if you need to check the box which says “This server requires authentication”.

Also, you can try, go to your WLM outbox, you can see a bunch of emails stuck there. Click work offline option and delete all email stuck in the outbox.

Roadrunner Email cannot send

Webmail Roadrunner Hawaii


You can try uninstalling and installing the WLM and repair the WLM. To do this

  • Go to control panel Click uninstall a program and uninstall windows live mail and reinstall it. Also, you can try updating the windows live mail. If these don’t work just pick the phone

Call roadrunner support @ 1-800-359-4380.

Outlook not able to download roadrunner email Fix

Outlook Download Support, Roadrunner email Fix

Outlook not able to download | Indiana

Many people in outlook not able to download roadrunner email and not able to send an email. You are always asking for the password to get outlook sync with roadrunner email server. Now it won’t sync at all. Even after you update the email password in web mail server. Your outlook with IMAP setup server address as and in your outlook version there is no spot to designate the Port for the server:

Outlook not able to download roadrunner email Fix

Version of outlook: 2010

Go to file>Info>Account settings

Email address>select change

More settings>Advance tab

If you are still having problem with your email receiving and sending you can also try the following settings

Type of account: IMAP

Incoming mail server:

Incoming server IMAP Port: 143

Outgoing Mail Server- SMTP:

Inbound and outbound mail username: your full email address

Password: Same as email password in the web-mail server.

SMTP Server Authentication: Checked

Call for roadrunner support @ 1-800-359-4380.