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Roadrunner webmail kc

Roadrunner web mail kc Creating And Sending mail

STEP 1- Click on the Compose button at the top left of your inbox opens a dialog with the screenshot.

STEP 2- Enter the recipient’s email address in the To: field. CC: Add any other recipients’ addresses in the field. The address can also be added to the BCC: field and those recipients will receive an email, but their address will not be visible to others.

STEP 3- You can click the envelope beside the recipient’s name and click on the per, CC: or BCC: button to access your address book. Opens a dialog with a screenshot

STEP 4- Enter a topic for email

Type your message in the main text box

STEP 6- In the Priority drop-down menu, you can select the following, the normal, or high priority level for the message. Opens a dialog with a screenshot

STEP 7- Check the Request Receipt Receipt box if you want recipients to receive an email while reading your message.
If you want to save a copy of the message in your sent mail folder, then check Save a Copy Box.

STEP 8- When you’re ready to send your email, click the send button, opens a dialog with screenshots

STEP 9- To leave the email, click the Cancel button. Opens a dialog with a screenshot

STEP 10- To save your email for later, click Save Draft, you can retrieve it from the Drafts folder on the left side of your inbox.

STEP 11- Click on the spell check button to check your email for spelling errors

STEP 12- In the spell check tool, you can use the suggestion box to find the correct spelling and then change or ignore the errors. Opens a dialog with a screenshot

STEP 13- When you are done with the Spell Check tool, click the OK button to return to the email.

STEP 14- Click on the Add attachment button to select files to attach to your email.

STEP 15- When you select the file, click the OK button to return to the email.

STEP 16- Click on the Rich Text Editor button to open the text formatting options.

To remove the formatting and exit the rich text editor, click on the plain text editor button.