Roadrunner-Not receiving some expected emails Checklist

Roadrunner-Not receiving some expected emails Checklist | Kentucky

Someone has sent me an email but I didn’t receive the email. He has sent me again but not receiving. However, I received the new email from other senders.

How do I troubleshoot these issue?

These are a common error with the difficult solution but there is some easy thing you can do without contacting your ISP.

If you are still having the problem after performing the test then it is possibly quite sure that there is some problem with email.

You can tell the test result to them they will understand in and outgoing where the mail has to drop down.

Check the junk email folder:

This one can be must and can be overlooked;

Did the massage perhaps land to the junk mail folder?

Search for email received today:

Check today’s unread messages

Still not found the email

Check your antivirus and firewall setting:

If you are using an antivirus which acts as a “mail proxy” via a special mail module to scan your mail before delivery then you should disable or uninstalled this security and see if the message arrives now.

Call  1-800-359-4380 Toll Free for help and support.

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