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I have Outlook 2016 (32bit via Office 365, Win 8.1 64bit).  For years, I had been getting my Roadrunner email using POP, but recently I started getting connections errors (0x800CCC13), for which I unsuccessfully tried all of the remedies I could find on the Internet (including starting Outlook as an Administrator). Because none of those solutions seemed to work (and because I really had been intending to make the change anyway), I decided to set up my Roadrunner email to be accessed via using IMAP, in the hope the change would provide better service.

I have now tried – MANY times over MANY days – to access my TWC Roadrunner Email using IMAP.  Nothing shows up and nothing gets sent out.  Checked and double checked everything I can think of, but nothing I’ve done makes it work. I desperately need help getting my email running. Pretty sure everything (at least everything I know about) is set up properly because Outlook’s Setup consistently reports that the test messages are successful and because all of those test messages actually are present in my email list when I look at my emails via Webmail.


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Roadrunner Email Problem Solution 2017 | +1-855-785-2511

BUT, when I run Outlook’s Send/Receive, NO emails ever show up in my Outlook Inbox (or in any other folder), nor do any emails I create in Outlook ever get sent out from Outlook. I have tried to copy all of the screens to show specifically what I have done if anyone needs to see them.

The Internet settings I used are what I understand TWC specifies:

  1. Both the incoming and outgoing servers are identified as “”; RR IMAP & Outlook 2016 – Roadrunner Email Problem Solution 2016.
  2.  “Outgoing Server” is set to require authentication. [Here, I have tried both “Use same settings” and “Log on using” (filling in the complete email address and password. There is no difference.]
  3.  The ports are set to 143 (incoming) &587 (outgoing).  [Although TWC does not specify any encryption choices for either the incoming or outgoing ports, I have tried them as None/None, Auto/Auto, and SSL/TLS – all produce successful “test message” reports from Outlook setup.]

FWIW, “Login using SPA” is not checked.

I have looked at the subscribed IMAP folders in Outlook, and the list includes “Inbox”, as well as what appears to be all of the other folders I can see using Webmail. All of those same folders also show up in the list of folders on the main Outlook screen.  Nevertheless, none ever has any emails delivered to it!