Roadrunner Email Troubleshooting

Roadrunner Email Troubleshooting

Roadrunner Email Troubleshooting support | Arkansas

If you’re getting a lot of bounce backs and/or complaints that you are sending spam, one of two things could be happening. You may be sending spam, in which case you will need to check your server security. Or, you may be being spoofed.

Instructions :

Follow these steps to identify and resolve this issue.

1. Check your email header to determine whether the spam is coming from your (mt) Media Temple server or not.

2. Look at the very last Received: line in the header. Check the IP address or name of the server that the message was sent from (NOT to, or “received by”). If it has the name of your server, you may be sending spam, and this could indicate that you’ve been hacked. See Security resources for further assistance. However, if the original server is an unknown server, it’s likely that you are being spoofed. i.e., someone is pretending to send emails using your email address, but they are not coming from your server at all.

3.The best way to overcome this is to create an SPF record for your domain. This is not 100% effective, but more and more mail servers check for an SPF record, so it should drastically reduce the amount of spam sent out to your email address.

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